Maybe I Should Explain Something About My Photographs . . .

. . . They represent a particular way of looking. A way that has sadly been lost in todays ‘throwaway’ society, where nothing seems to have value.

People today tend to walk with their heads down, either looking at their iPhones (other brands are available) or the pavement. They only look up to notice the “can’t be missed, life changing, 50% off everything sale”, take a sip from their “extra hot, triple mocca latte” and fail to notice anything else around them.

Always in a hurry to get somewhere, accomplishing little else on the way and not much more when they get there.

The photographer of The Moment’ (in internet terms – 10 minutes) presents their latest masterpiece, a photograph of three people. The one on the left has a strange expression on his face (probably the beginnings of a sneeze). The middle person wears a t-shirt with a witty, yet quickly ‘flogged to death’ and instantly forgotten slogan slapped across the front. Whilst the third stares at his Blackberry, viewing an unfathomably popular YouTube video of “Charlie Bit My Finger”.

People want everything on a plate, laid bare and instantly understandable, so as not to waste valuable time having to think about it.

I don’t take that kind of photographs.


Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

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