The (Possible) Future Of Street Photography ? . . .

. . . Following my recent experience whilst taking pictures, I decided to borrow my friends Time Machine and take a look 20 years into the future to see the state of Street Photography in the year 2033.

Good news, it’s alive and well, sort of.

The picture below won the prestigious Eric Kim Award for Street Photography 2033.


It complies with all sections of the Photography In Public Act, but not for long.

Soon, the photographing of pigeons will be outlawed following a scandal involving the super-celebrity-non-offensive-pop-singer Larry Shimmer. It appears that ‘thousands of images of pigeons’ were discovered in his Apple iHome.

Further, if the ruling “Freedom For All” political party get their way, the content of ALL photographs will have to be cleared with the relevant governing body before the picture is actually taken.

This shouldn’t be a problem as the government will introduce a FastTrack scheme via the internet whereby registered Amateur Photographers can scan their iDee. Together with a fee of just £17.95 (€205.60 allowing for inflation) per image, the photographer can expect a decision in just 30 minutes – invaluable for the spontaneous image maker.

Haven’t got an Amateur Photographer Card ? No problem. Just enroll on the entry level photography program. After just 3 years, the lucky student is then allowed to photograph un-regulated items such as pavements (with the councils permission and yearly license of course).

If the photographer then wishes to move onto wider public photography such as pigeons (see note above) or street graffiti (artist royalties deducted at source), then you would require a medium level license. Just one 7 year course is all it takes and then the world (unless restricted) is your oyster.

However, the higher and unrestricted Advanced Photography License will be reserved for TV Celebrities, Judges, Priests, Lords, Politicians and Chief Constables. And of course, those with large sums of money.

So fear not fellow Street Photographers, the future’s in safe hands.

P.S. If you think this all sounds a bit far fetched, then consider this – would you have imagined 20 years ago receiving a £60 spot fine for eating a Kit-Kat whilst driving?

Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

One thought on “The (Possible) Future Of Street Photography ? . . .”

  1. I understand California is going to pass a law requiring motorists to have a new, separate license that would permit them to run over pedestrians, who, are yacking on their cell phones while crossing against a traffic signal. The fee for that license will be $25.00. If convicted of running over a pedestrian while the driver was unlicensed for such purposes, that defendant would be required to surrender their own cell phone if found guilty of texting during the incident. The government always has their hands out.


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