I Want A Beard Like Zack Arias’s . . .

. . . And now for something completely different.

A few days ago I was giving an interview over Skype to the editor (and publisher) of Street Photography Magazine, Bob Patterson (soon to be published at the end of this month. The interview that is, not Bob ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

During the 1 hour and 30 minute conversation, the subject of ‘photography heroes’ came up and I was quick to mention (among others), Zack Arias. Somehow we also moved onto the subject of beards !?!

Then just two days ago, I was in the supermarket and whilst becoming quietly cross-eyed and giddy at the sheer amount of choice at the cheese counter, this guy parked up beside me.

Nothing odd about that but my eye was instantly caught by the (frankly) monumental and (quite simply) impressive ‘sculpture’ hanging from his chin. For he was sporting one of the coolest and most stylish beards I’d seen in a long time. Further, it bore an incredible likeness to that worn by one of my favourite modern-day street photographers, Zack Arias.

(Unfortunately, Mr Arias wasn’t available for comment and it’s impossible to find a non-copyrighted photo of him on the ‘net). So if you’ve never seen or heard of Mr Arias or his portrait and street photography, get over to his site here Zack Arias.

Now to the point of this post and as you’ll have guessed from the title, I’m gonna grow a beard like Zack Arias’s.


I see guys (and sometimes girls ๐Ÿ˜€ ) with beards and have often been struck by not only the many differing styles that abound, but also by what I imagine to be a great sense of pride and achievement in growing and err . . . owning one.

Also, my all time top comedian Billy Connolly and guitar god, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) both have one (though I don’t think I’ll go to the lengths of Mr Gibbons). ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

The other reason brings me back to the bloke at the cheese counter. Whilst stood there and calmly making his decision, he held and stroked his beard, as though consulting with it and no doubt drawing great support and reassurance in the process.

After all, how hard can it be? As the comedian David Mitchell put it, “there’s no real effort involved, it’s just a failure in personal hygiene”. ๐Ÿ˜€

So here goes. I’m going to document the progress of my beard by posting a picture per week on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

The stubbly beginnings – 2 days growth and no itching . . . yet :-


Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

2 thoughts on “I Want A Beard Like Zack Arias’s . . .”

  1. Mines a short and stubby goat’y, gets too itchy when it’s long also when you start playing with it after a while when you look down it’s as if you’ve been through a snow storm especially if your wearing dark clothing.


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