It’s Going To Be A Hectic Couple Of Weeks On The Blog & Twitter . . .

. . . With The Photography Show 2015 at the N.E.C. Birmingham starting next weekend on the 21st March, my poor little feet (and fingers) are going to be taking a hammering.

What initially started out as ‘just a day at the show’, has in a short space of time become a huge logistical exercise (for me at least).

Since planning a visit to the Birmingham exhibition, I applied for (and received) what is probably the holy grail as far as enthusiastic photographers are concerned – a Press Pass.

This of course opened up a multitude of possibilities for what could be achieved at the show, amongst many being – free access to all 4 days, access to the Press Room (with comfy chairs), desks, refreshments and free wi-fi.

Then there’s the ‘press pack’ on a USB stick, as well as ‘press only’ Q&A sessions and interviews with many well known and famous photographers, including Martin Parr.

What’s more, manufacturers such as Canon, Leica, Fuji and Panasonic will be offering to the press their latest and greatest cameras for review and testing.

Of course it will also be an incredible ‘networking’ opportunity and to that end I’ve had a couple of ‘StreetPhotographyBlog’ polo shirts printed. Pleased I also had those ‘business cards’ made last year.

As the final ‘cherry on the top’, Leica have very kindly provided me with a Leica X for review and you can read my initial thoughts about it by clicking here. This is just a first impression of the camera, as I will be taking advantage of the N.E.C. train that runs from the show into the center of Birmingham, where I’ll be able to give the camera a full workout.

Hence my feet will take a severe beating and I’ll be suffering from blistered fingers and crossed-eyes as I Blog and Tweet every Street Photography related event at the show.

As said above, I’m hoping to (at the very least) ask Martin Parr a question or two at the Q&A and at the most, secure an interview in some form or other with him. With that in mind, if there’s a question you would like me to ask, please post it in the comments section below.

This will be the first time I’ve visited a photography show ‘from the other side’ and there’s nothing better than jumping in at the deep end. 😀

Keep up to speed both here on the Blog and on my Twitter and Facebook pages.


Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

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