The Photography Show 2015 N.E.C. Birmingham (Part One) . . .

. . . So tomorrow is the start of the N.E.C. Photography Show. Now this is the first camera show I’ve ever been to (yes really), which probably explains my anticipation and rather strangely, nervousness.

Nervous you ask, but it’s only a photography show?

Typically it wouldn’t be an issue, after all I’m no stranger to visiting shows for subject matter such as motorcycles, or guitars. However, this is the first time I’ll not be attending from the perspective of Joe Public, but as someone looking to provide coverage and insight of the events and exhibits at the show ‘for Joe Public’.

So here I sit, in my camper van, somewhere on a campsite about 10 miles from the N.E.C. – glass of Chateu du Chatalais in one hand, iPad in the other, typing this post.

The final checklist was done this morning, before making the 190 mile journey from Cumbria to ‘the Midlands’.

Items ticked off the list were :-

iPad (for blogging and tweeting and processing pictures).

IPhone (of course).

Leica M9 and extra batteries.

Leica X for review.

Kingston Mobilelite G2 (for backing up SD cards).

Zoom H4N Audio Recorder for making notes about ‘stuff’ (Hey I’ve got a memory like a sieve) and interviews (?).

Countless charging and interface cables. Why can’t manufacturers agree to use just one type of cable? USB Mini will do as I have loads of them.

Box of Street Photography Blog ‘business’ cards.

UK Photography Show Press Badge (for wi-fi, comfy press office, refreshments and camera loan blagging power 🙂 ).

UK Photography Show NEC Street Photography Blog Press Pass

“Street Photography Blog” printed Polo Shirts.

Street Photography Blog T Polo Shirts

With regards the shirts, I was let down by two different printing companies just days before I was due to leave for Birmingham. Luckily I then found PRPrinting. I spoke to Ben on the phone Monday morning with my requirements and by 1pm Wednesday, I had the shirts in my sweaty hands. Excellent quality garments (Fruit Of The Loom) and high quality printing. Cheers Ben.

So here goes (after a good nights kip, I hope) and if I’m meeting you there over the weekend, just look out for the walking advertising board (me) 😀

Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

One thought on “The Photography Show 2015 N.E.C. Birmingham (Part One) . . .”

  1. Another year and a more stifled show than last year. The big guns were in force, but the smaller companies as I was told by many that said this would be there last year are being priced out, such a shame because its the lateral thinking of the smaller business that comes up with great products for the masses.

    As I walked around on the last day I thought great layout, bigger aisles definitely bigger displays, at the start of my wander I though better than last year. So soon was that dashed, the big companies were displaying their goods, but the lack of companies that have been showing for years made me think that the show seems to have run its course, unless new blood can be injected.

    On asking at some of the stands on the periphery where is So & so who was here last year, the reply came “priced out” and if we don’t have a good show we wont be back next year.

    lets face it you go to a show for new innovation, not the same old stuff you can get on the internet, usually cheaper and with much more information available. The show looked tired, presentations were much the same as they were 4 years ago, Topaz, great product, but still the same rhetoric as it has always been, how many times has he married that lady that he cleans the image up on? however some have not obviously heard this before.

    A plethora of stands selling insurances of all kinds, but aimed at the photographic market for a start, so many.

    RPS with its stand of octogenarians who looked as though they had cobwebs growing on them, really made me want to enrol ! but then there were the offshoot sites from this decaying body, all over must have been at least 6, all there to evaluate your images and deny you credit because of an individuals hang-ups on how you mounted your picture or with the grade of card used, not the quality of the actual submission. Surely it is time to call time on these self professed specialists who mainly dash budding photographers hopes, or get a standard that they all adhere to, that would be a bit different would it not?

    The only place where I saw big groups of people congregating were at the training outlets that were dotted around the place, must tell you something Online book making, for a cost, all with the same basic but different offers.

    Where were the CIS developments does no-one use printers now-days or have they been sent to room 101 along with black and white processing, it seemed that they were taken away and replaced by companies selling 3d printers and software.

    Finally DRONES, I think that this is a development that will continue for the near future the opportunities that this opens are mega, however at the show every corner seemed to have someone selling their “special” model prices ranging from £29 for a flying bee, to £3000 for something that looked impressive put that in the air with £2000s worth of camera/lens ? maybe that’s why there were so many insurance companies there.

    Next year ? Well if the Photography show organisers do nothing to interest new arrivals with interesting products to exhibit by maybe “cost review” or cutting down on the sameness of many of the current exhibitors its a no from my business to visiting for the day.


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