A Talk On My Street Photography at Alsager Camera Club, 3rd May 2018 . . .

. . . Yes, I have been asked to give a talk on my street photography at the Alsager Camera Club, Cheshire, on the 3rd May 2018.

For the past few years I’ve harboured an ambition to partake in some form of public speaking, with regards my photography and street photography in general. So when an invitation arrived in my inbox from Geoff Reader at Alsager Camera Club, I was quick to accept his generous and unexpected offer.

Currently I’m working on the presentation I will be giving, via digital projector – a mixture of my favourite (and not so favourite) photographs, what drew me to take and what I ‘see’ in them, ‘what is street photography’ (in my opinion), as well as the ‘ups and downs’ (quite literally) of pouring your ‘all’ into the art form. Of course, being in the digital domain, video will also be taking a role as well in some part.

The evening will be held at Alsager Golf & Country Club and starts at 7:30pm, finishing at 10:00pm and with a break halfway.

Cost of entry is less than that of a regular Latte, £2.50 and is open to non-members, as well as members. Non-members are allowed to attend a maximum of 3 club events, where you will then be asked to join.

Alsager Camera Club are well-known as one of the most friendly and welcoming clubs of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU), the North West branch of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. Fun and banter is the aim, after strong photography.

I’m looking forward to the evening immensely and it has me thinking of the possibility of offering similar events elsewhere in the Lancashire, Cheshire, Midlands areas?

Further dates will be posted here on the blogroll and on the Talks page.

If you run a camera/photography club, or photography show, or are even looking to fill your after-dinner speaker’s schedule, please drop me a line on the contact form below, or at the bottom of the About & Contact page.


Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. eBooks. Blog. Shoots and reviews cameras. Develops film. Writes novelesque articles.

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