I’m Moving Back To Digital . . .

. . . Yes it’s true.

As much as I love shooting film, the simple truth is that I just don’t have the time (for the foreseeable future) to process film.

With the VW Camper Van now up and running, I’ve been visiting more places and taking more photographs than ever before. On some trips, I can come back with 4 rolls of 36 exposure 35mm film (144 exposures).

Let’s put that into context . . .

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It’s Been A Long Time Since My Last Post . . .

. . . And that’s not for losing interest in Street Photography.

The truth is, I have devoted the last 18 months of my spare time to restoring a classic VW Camper Van, which would enable me to travel to all the fantastic cities the UK has to offer.

At long last the van is finished. In fact I’m writing this post on my iphone in the camper having just spent a fabulous 5 days visiting Chester, Monmouth, Cirencester, Birmingham and Manchester.

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